Wang Jinhai

Chairman & CEO

?Extensive knowledge in clinical trial mgt. with over 20 years experiences of more than 90 projects for therapeutic areas including oncology, anti-infection, nervous system, cardiovascular, endocrine, gastrointestinal, respiratory, and other diseases. ?Established?WWW.DRUGGCP.NET, the firsts website specialized in clinical research in China. ?Specialized in innovative and digitalized business modelling


Yang Jie


?Over 15 years experiences in bio-pharm industry, focusing on internet product design, digital analysis, new drug market access, product positioning and strategic marketing. Served in multi-national bio-pharm companies and CROs, had jointly launched the first SaaS clinical research intelligent cloud platform in China and the first on-line training platform for this industry, connecting major sites, KOLs, sponsors and the professionals.


Hu Aiguo

GM & CTO of WeTrial

?More than 20 years experiences in Information Technology and Intelligent Product development, with comprehensive industrial and technical knowledge. Specialized in designing and developing IT management platform, system and products. ?Former Professor in School of Information Systems and Management, National University of Defense Technology. ?Developed several Hospital Information System (HIS) for well-know Hospitals.


Hsu, Chienyi


?Over 15 years experiences in business management, organizational development, HR Management and Training & Development. ?With expertise in visionary & strategic execution, organization & business analysis, cooperate cultural shaping, talent cultivation, change management and leadership acceleration development. ?Served as the head of the OD/HR for well-known overseas biotech companies. ?Guest lecturer of the School of Pharmacy of Changsha Medical College.


Liu, Gregory


?Over 20 years of experience in drug development strategic planning, with the expertise of clinical design for anti-tumor and bio-innovative drugs also familiar with pre-clinical studies; had successfully completed clinical development for more than 20 innovative drugs in Taiwan and China. Had served as the head of the medical for global companies and as a consultant for a clinical trial center. Guest lecturer in Taipei Medical University and Changsha Medical College.


Hu Guifeng

Head of CTS Clinical BU

?Over 15 years of experience in anti-tumor, anti-infective, nervous system, cardiovascular, endocrine, orthopedics and medical device. ?Extensive experiences in Business Development (with more than 200 companies). Specialized in client relationship management & strategic partnership connection.


Li Zhen

Head of CTS Medical Dept.

?Over 15 years of experience in anti-tumor, neurological and neurological, endocrine, digestive and other diseases. ?Excel in clinical trial strategy planning, design, medical writing, medical summary, analysis, risk mgt. and medical report writing. ?Served in well-known global CRO and pharmaceutical companies, completed more than 100 clinical projects.


Gao Zhigang

General Manager and Chief Audit Officer of CDH Creative

?Member of RQA (Research Quality Association, UK.); Member of the editorial board of China GCP Alliance CRC Industry Guide; Minister of Academic Affairs of DIA-SMO Collaboration Group. ?Over 15 years experience of auditing (sites, IRT, SMO, CRO). ?Guest lecturer of Changsha Medical College.


Cao Wenzhong

Product Director of Wetrail

?Over 10 years of experience in internet industry, familiar with the implementation of internet and mobile-internet solutions for clinical study management. ?In charge of overall product design and planning for WeTrial-CTMS ?Participated in www.druggcp.net as a volunteer since 2006.


Xie Chaoqing

Product Director of Wetrial

?Over 10 years of experience in IT industry, solid know-how of implementation of IT solutions for clinical study management. ?More than 5 years experiences of electric data capture (EDC) product design and development. In charge of overall product design and planning for WeTrial-SIS.


Deng Chunlei

Head of Capital Operation Center

?Over 10 years of experience in finance, capital and accounting management, with extensive knowledge in listed companies. ?Familiar with CRO industry and the needs of lean management. ?Design and deploy strategies to ensure the best outcome from business execution, cost control and resource allocation


Lan Xiuwei

Head of Strategic Operations Center

?Over 10 years of experience in organizational development and human resource management and capital operation, used to serve in listed companies. ?Familiar with the construction of HR relevant systems, such as organization performance system, competence model, human capital assessment, etc.